1. Bottled light

There are millions of people in the world living in such dense, poverty-stricken areas that they don’t even have access to windows in their homes, and hardly the means to pay much of a power bill.  This means that even during daylight hours these poor people have to fumble around in the dark to get to the bathroom.

Now, with three simple ingredients, water, bleach, and bottle, they are getting free, sustainable illumination at almost no cost.  The water diffuses the light spherically throughout the space, emitting as much light as a 55 watt bulb, as opposed to just a gaping hole in the roof passing light directly.

Check out the video of it in action.

I love when I come across a design so ironically intuitive that I face-palm, wondering to myself, ‘Now why didn’t I think of that??’

This just goes to show that, with some creative design, real issues can be solved by even the simplest and cheapest of solutions; sometimes all it takes is the right situation and outward thinkers to cross paths.

The folks at Liter of Light are those outward thinkers, and they are bringing these lights to tens of thousands across the globe, as you read this.

Unfortunately, we’d need to install hundreds of these in each unit to even take a dent out of the plastic bottle beast that’s brewing, so let’s move on to loftier creations.

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