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Designing ourselves out of a crisis: 5 innovative ways to reuse plastic bottles.

In the last 50 years a slurry of floating plastic waste has slowly formed itself into an island, three times the combined size of Portugal and Spain, out in the middle of the Pacific ocean. Based on this realization, it’s now become blatantly obvious to me that we, as a civilization, have now successfully lost […]

1. Bottled light

There are millions of people in the world living in such dense, poverty-stricken areas that they don’t even have access to windows in their homes, and hardly the means to pay much of a power bill.  This means that even during daylight hours these poor people have to fumble around in the dark to get […]

2. One man’s Bottle…

One man’s bottle is another man’s… art? Not all of our bottles end up creating terrain somewhere; some make it big-time in this world, they really do.  And I’m not just talking light bulbs. Recently, there have been a number of innovative artists (or maybe just really poor; poor artists get really creative with their […]

3. Fashionable bottle wear

Over the last 20 years, many clothing companies have begun converting our empty drinks into hip, expensive ‘eco-clothing’ by spinning polyester thread from millions of our discarded bottles a year. Call me late to the game (extremely), but I had no idea clothing companies were down-cycling bottles into fleece and other clothing products at such […]

Cardboard. Material of the future?

Most of us probably think of that cheap material all of our shiny new toys come packaged in.  That layer of protection that you rip away to get to the juicy center that is your new cell phone, flat screen TV, or shipment from Amazon, and promptly discard soon after. Larger pieces may survive the […]

The Fire Powered Phone Charger. How to continue tweeting through disaster

  The angry mascot of global warming that was Hurricane Sandy plowed through my northern neighbors a little over a week ago and, because everyone over the age of 8 now has a cellphone, instantaneous reaction and documentation of the ensuing carnage was provided through a deluge of pictures, tweets, and status updates.